BOICO is an NDIS provider that offers health and wellbeing services for carers and families

Bay of Isles Community Outreach (BOICO) is a registered NDIS provider. We act as advocates for our clients and carers, enabling easier access services available under the NDIS, locally in the region, and online. BOICO is a Not for Profit Organisation that provides recovery-focused, community managed mental health and wellbeing services for people affected by mental illness, their carers and families.

At BOICO, we offer a range of programs to involve our clients, carers and families in activities designed to encourage good mental health so they are able to cope with challenges, work productively and make the most of their potential, allowing them to play a part in their roles within their family, friends and community. Our programs encourage the 5 A Day Foundations of Mental Wellness – connect, eat well, be active, be mindful and sleep well.

We recently launched POD – a free mobile app developed to monitor the mental health and wellbeing of our Carers. You can learn more about POD here. We have also included lots of resources on this website that are full of tips about how to take better care of yourself for better mental health and overall wellbeing.

Our Mental Health Commission recovery-focused outreach programs operate with a combination of empathy and respect to a persons’ present life, but also their potential future. People have the right to be in the centre of decisions that affect their lives. By allowing people to be involved in all aspects of their recovery process we encourage participation and offer choice. Empowerment is built through achieving life’s many tasks. We acknowledge the potential in people to have control and authority over their lives.

BOICO’s services extend beyond the Esperance region to include Norseman, Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe. All of the programs at BOICO focus on giving opportunities for inclusion and connection amongst the local community.

Manage your NDIS

BOICO is now a registered Service Provider for NDIS. We offer an advocacy service to help you better manage your NDIS and access the wide range of service available through BOICO and other local agencies.

If you would like more information about our programs we’d love to hear from you

Mental health… is not a destination but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going” ~ Noam Shpancer

Explore our Mental Health Resources

Foundations of Wellbeing
5 A Day Foundations
Wellbeing Tools


Bay of Isles Community Outreach is an NDIS Service Provider offering services for carers and families

If you have questions about BOICO and the services we can offer, please get in touch.


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