Harmonee House

Harmonee House is a self-funded and self-maintained NDIS program that prioritises social inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Open three days a week, it offers various activities such as healthy cooking, art therapy, games/movies day, and individualised activities to help improve well-being, build life skills, establish a supportive social network, and enhance a sense of community.

Eligibility Criteria: To participate in Harmonee House, individuals must be an NDIS client and be 18 years or older. If a part of the Mental Health Commission (MHC), they must have a diagnosis.

Activities Offered: On Monday, individuals can participate in healthy cooking. Wednesday is dedicated to going to the Cannery and creating art. On Friday, it’s a games and movies day. After each day, everyone helps with cleaning up. The program also follows a code of conduct to ensure a comfortable and safe environment for individuals with mental illness to find support and relate with others about their struggles.

Harmonee House provides a space for individuals with disabilities to come together, engage in meaningful activities, and build lasting relationships. Through its various activities, it promotes social inclusion, improves well-being, and fosters a supportive community.