Signs & symptoms of stress

Using the POD on a regular basis gives you a good overview of what your stress and general levels of depression and anxiety are. Pairing your POD score with the symptoms listed below can help you identify your early warning markers of stress, which can help you manage stress effectively.

What are my stress markers (early warning signs)?

☐ Frequent headaches
☐ Difficulty sleeping or insomnia
☐ Jaw clenching or tensing
☐ Nightmares or disturbing dreams
☐ Neck or backache/tension, muscle spasms
☐ Difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts
☐ Dry mouth or problems swallowing
☐ Difficulty in making decisions
☐ Grinding teeth
☐ Feeling overloaded or overwhelmed
☐ Stuttering or stammering
☐ Trouble learning new information
☐ Tremors, trembling of lips, hands
☐ Forgetfulness, disorganization, confusion
☐ Lightheadedness, faintness or dizziness
☐ Reduced self-confidence
☐ Rashes, itching or hives
☐ Frequent crying spells
☐ Increased perspiration
☐ Feelings of loneliness
☐ Cold or sweaty hands
☐ Little interest in appearance, or punctuality
☐ Ringing or buzzing in ears, or popping sounds
☐ Increased fidgeting
☐ Frequent colds, infections or herpes sores
☐ Increased frustration, irritability, edginess
☐ Unexplained or frequent “allergy” attacks
☐ Overreaction to minor annoyances
☐ Heartburn, stomach pain or nausea
☐ Increased number of minor accidents
☐ Excess belching or flatulence
☐ Obsessive or compulsive behaviour
☐ Constipation or diarrhoea
☐ Reduced work efficiency or productivity
☐ Difficulty breathing or frequent sighing
☐ Lying or making excuses to cover up poor work
☐ Anxiety or panic attacks
☐ Rapid speech or mumbling
☐ Chest pain, palpitations or rapid pulse
☐ Increased defensiveness or suspiciousness
☐ More frequent urination
☐ Problems in communication
☐ Diminished sexual desire or performance
☐ Social withdrawal
☐ Increased anxiety, worry, guilt or nervousness
☐ Constant tiredness or fatigue
☐ Increased feelings of anger or hostility
☐ Increased use of over the counter drugs
☐ Depressed mood
☐ Weight gain or loss without diet
☐ Frequent mood swings
☐ Increased smoking, alcohol or drug use
☐ Increased or decreased appetite
☐ Increased gambling or impulse buying

This list represents your stress markers or your body’s early warning signs that you are under stress and need to take steps to reduce it. The better you know these signs, the quicker you can take the steps necessary to reduce your stress levels.